Ulrich Voelkel (Wu Uli) founded HPP.HPP is an acronym for High Precision Performance.Ulrich Voelkel is a German engineer who worked as an engineer for decades with BMW.HPP Ltd. has been established to help companies in their tasks with German engineering in China.?The objective was to unite Chinese know-how with German engineering.Aspects range from normal constructions of frames to internal combustion engines.HPP research covers widely, in the field of automobile manufacture, frame structure and engine has its own innovation and breakthrough .In 2003, research and development of intelligent fuel injection system is a breakthrough in the traditional,which has the very high performance fuel injection device.As the concept of 3D printers have heated up in the global, HPP began to set foot on a new journey, after 2 years of concentrated research and development team, based on delta 3Dprinters have already been born with a color touch screen.